10 amazing future truck design

as you know , time is going to future . we don’t know what will be happen in future , but we can imagine the  condition of it  or  its face by  looking at the designers idea for future . for this post you will watch more than 10 amazing truck design for future . enjoy them and have fun

The new Renault Trucks

The new Renault Trucks competition vehicle is quite unlike any other. Batman? Darth Vader? You could be forgiven for wondering who is going to climb out of the cab! The Renault Trucks Halle du Design teams have certainly pulled out all the stops on this one – with its indomitable looks, dual tone profile and trapezoid air dam, the Renault Trucks Premium Racer is bound to impress the other contenders. Which is exactly what it is designed to do – take part in the European Truck Racing Championship. And win!


Award Winning Dump Truck of the Future

Munich-based truck maker F.X. Meiller GmbH & Co KG has seen the future of construction hauling, and it is a sleek all-wheel drive tipper capable of dumping on all four directions.Chinese transportation designer Haishan Deng created a series of concept drawings depicting what Meiller’s new “super tipper” truck in action that won him a 2007 red dot award for product design from Germany’s Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, an institution formed in 1955 to promote industrial design aesthetics. Inspired by the movement of quadruped animals, Deng designed the super tipper with independent suspension arms that absorb uneven terrain better than conventional dump trucks.


Concept designer’s Chameleon Truck

Remember that awesome dump truck we showed you? Well, here’s the Chameleon Truck, once again by concept designer Haishan Deng. Like his Super Tipper Truck, the Chameleon Truck makes up for the shortcomings of its modern trucking cousins.

Where you need a different sized truck to carry different sized cargo, the Chameleon Truck’s padded fabric-covered cargo bay can be uncurled for added length, or reined in when it’s carrying something small. The driver’s seat is high up, which allows for great visibility, and also comes in handy when the driver unloads his cargo himself, the cargo bay sliding out from under him automatically.


wind-cheating Windliner from Shantanu Joshi

The truck you see here has been  designed keeping in mind the new road development in India and is specifically intended for ‘Golden Quadrilateral.’ The Cab design is driver-focused and is used with the technology called a ‘HY-WIRE’. The truck is driven on all 6 wheels which have individual hub motors which are electrically charged.! And click through here for more views and news of the wonderful ‘Windliner’–the truck for India in 2020

The truck you see here has been  designed keeping in mind the new road development in India and is specifically intended for ‘Golden Quadrilateral.’ The Cab design is driver-focused and is used with the technology called a ‘HY-WIRE’. The truck is driven on all 6 wheels which have individual hub motors which are electrically charged.! And click through here for more views and news of the wonderful ‘Windliner’–the truck for India in 2020


Nice Design, MAN: Concept S Truck Study

 MAN Nutzfahrzeuge will debut its new streamlined Concept S at this month’s 2010 IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hannover. Why do you care? Because it foreshadows the future of road-based cargo transport designs (i.e. they’re finally getting smooth and futuristic instead of blocky and dated), which by itself can lead to significant improvements in efficiency.

By aggressively attacking resistance in the wind tunnel, the coefficient of drag has been cut down a bunch (sadly, MAN doesn’t provide any numbers). In turn, the unspecified engine (again, more info would be nice, MAN) now uses 25% less fuel / emits 25 % less fumes than “a comparable, conventional 40-tonne semitrailer tractor”.


Renault Radiance, Insight Into Future

Renault has allways been known for the production of striking and innovating car designs, but this time things have got a whole lot bigger with the new, extravagant, „dream truck”, Radiance. The Reanault’s Corporate Design Department had a simple philosophy which stand at the base of this impressive model: “Drive like a car, work like an office, live as you would at home.”

The innovative, modern shape which defies traditional, box-style truck designs, shares obvious design cues, more mainstream siblings and the first thing which strikes you about it is its sleek and aerodynamic. Large air inlets give extra engine cooling, foldaway steps allow easy cabin access but don’t interfere with the truck’s curvaceous lines. To keep the Radiance’s futuristic lines, two exterior cameras are mounted on the cab’s aerofoil which eliminate all blind spots and give superior visibility, while the modern front headlights have a hint of Espace and are multi-directional so that they can be adapted to specific driving conditions, including city, fog and motorway mode


Design study of a future Isuzu truck

At the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show Isuzu has displayed a design study of a modern tractor unit focused on aerodynamic efficiency and safety – the T-Next. The exterior – based on the brand’s design identity “Clean, Solid, Emotional” – combines original elements such as the window graphics and the front openings with aerodynamic-focused elements like the rear view cameras and the sloped roof. The interior, not visible in the static model on display at the Tokyo Show, features an advanced connectivity system with multi-functional devices and a steering column that can retracts during breaks from driving to maximize onboard comfort.


Alvino Design G Rex Truck exudes brute force

A name like G Rex makes my mind wander automatically towards the fearsome T-Rex, but well, the futuristic truck doesn’t have much to do with the extinct predator. Or maybe it’s about the truck being formidable on the road as the T-Rex was millions of years ago. G-Rex has smooth curves and a sporty look, matched with a very angry stance. We’re not sure what type of suspension the truck is using, but if it gets lowered even a little bit with the cargo, it won’t move. The concept design awaits a producer to put it into production, but it’s already running circuits in the PS3 game “Match Up” by Delirious Games.


Giant Scania Trucks Are No Longer Scary

The noisy, polluting, gas guzzling giants are being tamed to look more demure and sophisticated, and how! The Scania Concept that we see here is a pure reflection of this new theory and is a bid to change the perception that trucks are the big bullies of the highway. It is designed to be eco-friendly and economical by using a diesel-electric hybrid engine. The innovative part comes on the wheel-hub design that sports indicative color-coded LEDs that point out speeding and other rules broken.


Mercedes-Benz previews Arocs

The Arocs line-up will include a wide range of vehicles, including dump trucks, all-wheel drive dump trucks, concrete mixers, tractor units and drop-side chassis vehicles, available as two, three and four-axle vehicles with 16 output variants from 175 kW (238 hp) to 460 kW (625 hp). All the engines have been designed to meet the future Euro VI emissions standard.


Mack Truck Concept Model

What you are seeing in the pictures is a Mack Truck concept 1/10th scale model. The concept behind the design of the truck is a very progressive one. The vehicle has been specifically designed for long distance transportation. It can be placed on super-highway rails and be driven through computers.


HST Truck Design for Better Maneuvere

The HST truck is an idea to provide long distance transport facilities to the developed market of the year 2030. Maximizing the productivity by reducing expenses while increasing revenue is the main goal of this innovative truck. Since the main headache of haulage firms is the fuel expense, this truck was designed to lessen coefficient of drag to ensure minimal air resistance. Therefore, it aims to incorporate slippery body panel, sleek aerodynamic feature by a conical front, flush body with no protrusions like wipers, mirrors, etc. Additionally, the HST truck aims to be longer than traditional trucks, but more movable via a steered trailer.